Access LogoThe Journalism & Media Communication department at Colorado State University provides free access to to all its students, faculty and staff. Please follow the directions below to request access or troubleshoot your login. is a training and education portal where you can access thousands of video tutorials to learn new skills for many of your classes and projects in the Journalism Department. There are software tutorials for all the Adobe Creative Suite, skills tutorials in related fields and inspiration videos with work from great authors.

In some cases your instructor will require that you view some of these tutorials as part of your class materials, if that’s the case, make sure you get the specific instructions from your instructor.

For Students

Requesting access
If you haven’t received an invitation email and activated your account please email to request access. In one business day you will receive an email from with a link to create a new account. Please follow the directions provided and remember your login credentials.
Logging into
 Check your CSU email for an invitation to sign up from (make sure you check your Junkmail folder if you can’t find it).
 Click on the link provided and create a password
 Log in with your new credentials using the link on the upper right hand corner of the portal
Recovering your login information
If you have already accessed in any of your classes in previous semesters, your login credentials remain the same: your CSU email and the password you created. If you can’t remember it, please use the Forgot Username or Password link at the bottom of the login window.

For Faculty

Whole class uploads

If you want to batch-upload your whole class list to so you can assign them specific videos or to create a class-specific playlist please contact so you can get instructions on how to submit your student names.

Check out the link below on Groups & Playlists to learn more about how they work so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your class. Also, don’t hesitate to contact Dani Castillo, the admin for the department, if you have any questions or need more guidance. 

Groups & Playlists has some great functionality already built in to help your classroom instruction. It’s a great resource for self-guided learning but it’s also set up in case you want to create specific required playlists for your classes. These playlists show up automatically for students when they log into and there are tracking tools for you, as the group manager, to see their progress.

You can create custom playlists or use some great curated playlists that are already in their system. Please check out the following resources if you need more details.

Groups are created by the administrator for the department, Dani Castillo. Please contact her at if you are interested in having a group created for your class.

  Using and assigning Playlists